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I have found a light in the sky,
worth capturing in my hands.
Fluttering by, not like a shooting star,
but a butterfly impaired.
Its impairment, not a fault,
but rather a representation of time slowing down.
Glad for the opportunity to reach,
I leant a fleeting grasp at its trail.
My hand, never fully closed,
graciously allowed dreams to shine through.
Dreams of mine own,
and maybe her's, too.
It could have been the wonder of my futility,
or possibly the chance I could not seize...
...but if this could last forever,
I would truly spread my wings.
If not to fly to the stars,
but to adorn myself with her love.
I would endlessly grasp to simply maintain,
forever and above.
:iconcjanz:Cjanz 0 0
Beyond the Veil
Beyond the Veil
She floats atop the billowing sea.
Worlds forgotten, time irrelevant.
She seeks inner peace.
Her breathing is stagnant,
but she will not drown.
The sea is in her favor this day,
and does nothing but assist the process.
A search for nothing more than ecstacy.
Not through submission,
but through acceptance.
The acceptance of self,
nothing else.
Subliminal and sought by all.
Shrouded by fallacy,
and guarded by ignorance.
Her treasure is within,
her treasure is peace.
Peace of mind.
And so she drifts,
into actuality.
And so she drifts,
beyond the veil.
:iconcjanz:Cjanz 0 0
A Flower Amongst Weeds
A Flower Amongst Weeds
A flower amongst weeds,
I long for the scent of thee.
Fetching for my eyes the only beauty I see,
a sight unto herself, quite unlike her surroundings.
A paroxysm of love,
achieved only through her name.
A euphoria caused only by her voice.
A beautiful reformation of features,
and how mysterious it remains.
Such a profound beauty can only be described as a flower,
a flower amongst weeds.
:iconcjanz:Cjanz 2 0


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